“There is a place in Tuscany where you can get lost in the open space, walk into the woods, run on green fields into the armony of our mountain. A place where you can breath a sparkling air, sweet as a caress, a place where you can recharge of will of life. If you want to give a new value to your time, come to Il Ciocco Tuscany Resort, the closest place to your desire.”

This is the introduction of Il Ciocco, since this year linked to the Marriot Hotels and that will become the first Renaissance Resort in Europe.

In the northern part of Tuscany, the park is placed in Castelvecchio Pascoli and faces the big valley that leads till the city of Lucca, that is around 40 km away and very easy to reach from all the biggest city of art like Pisa and Florence. Il Ciocco is less then one hour away from the beautiful beaches of the Tirren Sea and a few minutes away from Barga, famous for its 12° Century dome and for the Summer Musical Festival.

From our point of view, Il Ciocco is an old acquaintance. Since years, in fact, the park hosts the offroad activities of FFasola, with great support for the Fasola School, KTM Adventures and Enduro Academy.

The most important reasons for the choice have to be looked at the great shape of the territory, very suitable for all outdoor activities and to the “royal” hospitality given by the hotel.

It’s not a case then that Hell’s Gate was born in Ciocco and that from this place takes the lymph that its extraordinary sportive, agonistic and ambient essence.

Distances from the major italian airports:
– Rome 430 km
– Milan 320 km
– Florence 100 km