Graham Jarvis Reconquest the Empire of Hell!

Hell’s Gate Metzeler 2017. 14 laps to get the verdict of the fourteenth edition. After an epic battle long remained on the edge of an incredible, overwhelming balance, Graham Jarvis wins back its Empire of Hell that had been his continuously for four years, from 2011 to 2014. The English rider, official Husqvarna rider and one of the “senators” Extreme Enduro, comes back to the top of the Competition, which launched him in the Olympus of the most “raw” of the Off Road Riding specialties, and writes for the fifth time his name in the golden book of Hell’s Gate Metzeler. Read More

Hell’s Gate Metzeler 2017: “One Hundred And One”

Hell’s Gate Metzeler 2017 is officially … irrevocable. The Federal Officials have verified the departing riders of the 14th edition of Fabio Fasola’s Hell. The elimination … has already begun. On the phone, citing justifications of various kind, the first package arrived. Certainly reasons of major force, but the feeling is that over the air is also flown some excuse. It is normal, Hell’s Gate Metzeler is fascinating but scary, and someone is approached, but then surrenders. Moral: 101 starters is a too obvious title, creepy but inevitable: it is THE CHARGE OF 101. Read More

Here we are! The make-up of Hell. Marco Aurelio Fontana “Godfather”

Hell’s Gate Metzeler 2017 is the festival of Hell. One wonders why it is a “goal”, so coveted and desired. A contradiction? No, because “HGM” is the context, unique in the world, in which the Enduro evolves towards always new objectives, and aimed at a consistently revolutionary dimension. It is the challenge of the Extreme passionate, but it is also closer to origins of Offroad Racing culture. Read More

Graham didn’t like it. Time of “Revenge”!

Hell’s Gate 2017 Metzeler has some flavor of revenge. The epilogue of 2016 edition, in fact, has been severely impacted by the surprise of Wade Young, the young, strong South African, arrived in Italy even before his license… to kill, has stunned the entire history of the extreme bursting into Fasola’s Competition with an irresistible force. No time to get his usually wrecker rhythm, and Graham Jarvis, winner of four consecutive editions from 2011 to 2014, found himself in the unusual position of pursuer. The exciting Wade Young‘s “ride” has ended, after three hours of spectacular hell, at the last gate of Hell’s Gate Metzeler 2016, in the arms of the frenzy public for bringing baptism to a new King of Enduro Extreme. Read More

Hell Beyond the Extreme (and Crowd in Hell)

Hell’s Gate 2017 Metzeler evolves. The new Extreme model, invented and exacerbated by Fabio Fasola, had reached a crucial crossroad last year. Taking the right direction, and introduced the original novelty of Hell’s Gate Arena, Fasola decided to take the plunge and transform the 14th edition in the direct road to Hell. The “beaten” to the underworld concentrated in a terrific area all symbologies  of Enduro according Fasola, and turns into a kind of hell happenings which certainly will leave a new sign of fire in the Enduro history. Read More