Hell’s Gate Metzeler 2016, XIII Episode. Why changing?

On February 6th 2016: The Extreme with a new episode, a brand-new one! They ask us why.

Hell’s Gate Metzeler, the Next Extreme Level!

Il Ciocco, January 26th. Hell’s Gate Metzeler remains the Race that has left a groove in the history of Extreme Enduro. It will never betray its spirit and it will never drift apart from the tradition that it has created.

But it changes, just a little or a lot, it depends from the point of view. Read More

Hell’s Gate 2016, XIII Episode

The Galaxy of Extreme Enduro is in agitation. A new Hell’s Gate Metzeler episode is about to turn on. The spaceships are ready. The interstellar Riders study the tracks, they plan the meetings and they are getting ready for the battle.

Hell’s Gate Metzeler 2016 changes everything. It remains the centre of the Galaxy, settled at Ciocco at dawn of the History, but remain the environmental conditions that have appointed Fasola’s Extreme as recognizable reference. The whole rest is new. And we need to explain “new”, because it should not be thought as only a propaganda and nothing else. Read More

Hell’s Gate Metzeler 2016, Episode XIII

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You were right about one thing, Master. Negotiations were really short. Now it’s Interstellar War!

The Dark Side of Hell’s Gate Metzeler is the instinctive force generated by passion for Enduro. That’s the reason why riders come together and generate a Force destined to dominate the scene of Fasola’s Extreme, the unique crossroads towards the infinity of Enduro for next 45,000 BBY. Read More