Hell’s Gate Metzeler 2016: Halfway In the Milky Way of Enduro. Wide Young

Il Ciocco, February 6, 2016.

Half way. On the Milky Way of the Enduro or in the Hell of the Extreme? According to Fasola there is not much distinction between Heaven and Hell, in the Enduro planet. It is the moods of the moment, the results of the commitment. Here it is. Here in Hell’s Gate Matzeler the commitment, the challenge, the difficulty and the uncertainty are at the highest “terrestrial” levels. That’s the maximum of suffering. Beyond the maximum of satisfaction, the passion that moves the exploits of the XIII Episode of the Extreme Enduro of Fasola. Read More

Hell’s Gate Metzeler 2016: The Night, Before

Il Ciocco, February 5, 2016.

A few hours only, those of the night, and then the battle will began at dawn, that of the challenge of Hell’s Gate in 2016 Metzeler.
77 brave Riders have “punched” and are officially allowed to take the start. 77 is the number of the Iridium, a hard metal of the platinum group. But it is also the number and name of an asteroid of the Main Belt, the napolitan number that indicates the legs of the women or … the Devils. Whatever the definition that you want to prefer there is no escape, it always ends up there, in the Enduro Hell of Fabio Fasola. Read More

HGM16 Starting List

Remember, please:

Hell’s Gate Metzeler 2016
Fabio Fasola’s Sausage Press Conference
Saturday 6th, 14:30
Stadium Paddock
Just two words on the new Formula of Hell’s Gate Metzeler 2016, with the news and the future objectives, and an introduction to the new Il Ciocco OffRoadPark, the permanent structure inherited from Hell’s Gate Metzeler’s “imprinting”. And then, the typical, famous sausage of Garfagnana Country.

HGM16 Starting List