Hell’s Gate 2012 Morning Heat: Jonny Walker… liscio!

Hell’s Gate 2012 Morning Heat: Jonny Walker… on the rocks!

Five laps, a break of about fifty minutes – to rescue and bring to the hospital Luca Paoletti, who injured his leg after being run over, faultlessly, by Alfredo Gomez – four special stages. The ” morning heat” ends at lunchtime, but there’s not too much time to camp out.Bikes must be set up for the main event, the “real” Hell’s Gate, and go into the Parc Fermé. Read More

Hell’s Gate 2012: Ready To Go!

Hell’s Gate 2012: Ready To Go!

Ready! A few hours and at 7 o ‘clock tomorrow, February 18, the first bike will leave the area of the ​​Ciocco Stadium to face the first of five laps of the Morning Heat of Hell’s Gate. Five rounds, and it is only the beginning. “Classic Enduro”, one departure per minute, one special test per lap, let’s say a “line test” around a fifteen minute length. Greetings! The terrain is good. It’s cold, but not too much. Mud, but in endurable quantity. A piece of cake? Not in your life! Hell’s Gate docet. Read More

Hell’s Gate 2012. Featuring Jarvis or… Hemingway?

During its past eight editions, Hell’s Gate has highlighted the “Extreme Factor” of some riders, who made the  history of Enduro riding. David Knight has won three times, Taddy Blazusiak two. Both the KTM official riders have then diversified their careers: the English giant has aimed to the traditional Enduro and the Polish man has addressed himself to the United States and Indoor Races. Read More