HellsGate 2019. Hold it!

Wait! We have to stop. The HellsGate 2019 programme must undergo a shift in time to give all the people involved a chance to complete their tasks. As you know HellsGate was due to return to its original configuration and race track. It had been decided, and this idea remains, that it should be the nature of the Mountain and Il Ciocco, beautiful and terrible, to clearly characterize this competitive Event. Exactly as it had been in the first editions, and as it was in the years of its successful growth as a reference test for the Extreme Enduro World. All this while continually evolving to create a more spectacular event and to keep HellsGate the Off Road Festival that it is in the eyes of the plebiscite of fans who count.

Today HellsGate had become a mixed race, with a reduced “natural” part and a larger “artificial” area. The Organizers do not intend to give up the benefits, in terms of ease of access and Audience admittance, of the “Super Enduro” evolution, but they have been working for some time to return to its origins. This means extending the Race over a larger geographical area and, consequently, increasing the number and quality of institutional and private partners.

Much of this work has already been done, but not all of it, and the Il Ciocco reference body requires OSE, Organization Sport Event that operates in the Motor Sports sectors and deals with every aspect of the sports competitions that take place in the area, get all the paper work done before starting on the purely logistical aspects of Hellsgate 2019.

Evidently, not all parties have or have had their operational timing synchronized with the needs of Hellsgate, and not all have placed the most important event in the sector for the Valle del Serchio among their priorities. All this, of course, lengthens the time required to receive the bureaucratic and environmental “approval”, which cannot be bypassed.

For these two reasons, returning to the natural origins of the track and reaching a perfect harmony with the relevant public and private forces of the geographical area, HellsGate has been put on standby. Every cloud has a silver lining. The Organizers are coming up with other ideas and a strong feeling of solidarity comes from the Mountain in response to the request from other Italian areas to “import” the reference Event of the Extreme Enduro World.

We will keep you informed of any developments.

HellsGate 2019. A Powerfull, Incredible New Year Of Extreme Enduro

The happy, and fleeting, Christmas season. Now it’s in the archive. Great, but let me assure You: it was not an escape line. It was only a moment of respite, genuinely sentimental, emotionally restoring, but … short-lived. Here we are at the revenge of the New Year. 1st January, and we are already at a key moment. It is now time to enroll for HellsGate 2019.

The thrilling programme. Friday. From 2:30 pm. Enrolment, technical checks, placing the Hero’s Paddock. The Audience and the Experts of HellsGate 2019 together. Moments of incredible surreal peace, before the Prologue, the “Metzeler Test” at 6:30 pm. Then the celebration in the evening, the HellsGate Party at the Locanda Alla Posta. Read More

HellsGate 2019. Feeling Like Waiting. A Christmas Nightmare

What you see as a quiet period is the happy Christmas season. Great, but do not mistake it for an escape. I assure you it is not. It is a fleeting moment of respite, genuinely sentimental, a diversion, emotionally restoring, but … short-lived. Just think that when you wake up on 1st January, in the new year, it’ll already be time for a key moment. It is the day when the enrolments for HellsGate 2019 open.

Some thrills, just to perfect the programme. Friday. From 2:30 pm. Enrolment, technical checks, placing the Hero’s Paddock. The Audience and the Experts of HellsGate 2019 together. Moments of incredible surreal peace, culmination of the Prologue, the Metzeler “Test” at 6:30 pm. Then the celebration in the evening, the HellsGate Party at the Locanda Alla Posta. Read More

HellsGate 2019. No Escape Line. 15-16 February

The return to the terrifying “nature” of its origins. HellsGate was a promise, now it’s once again an Extreme threat. It has returned to the chronicles of torture, to the formula without bumpers. We have explored new routes, modelled HellsGate on the latest evolution of the Extreme, reached out to those who begged for indulgence. We have walked along the new halls of Enduro’s show, found new routes parallel to the main track that pushes the limits. Exploring the new roads of the Extreme we opened unexpected paths of clemency, unknowingly turning Hell’s Gate into purgatory. Hard but transient, cynical but bearable, fatal, but not always, not too much.

That’s enough. Back to the scream in the night at the dead end of fear. We continue our road, the HellsGate route, the course with infernal origins and no way out. No Escape Line. Read More

Hell’s Gate Metzeler 2018. Mario Roman wins!

Two hours of frozen Hell, and it’s just the beginning. The temperature on the Mountain is in freefall. Heaps of stones along the way, muddy roads, rocky cliffs, canals filled with water and dirt. Vertiginous drops. Against the north wind and in the deepest, darkest forest, the feeling of unease adds to the difficulties. The lap time was calculated in 25 minutes, but it took almost ten more to see the first competitor, Wade Young, enter Hell’s Gate Metzeler Arena at the end of the first lap. The South African winner of the 2016 edition of Hell’s Gate was the fastest already at the start, when Fabio Fasola, the inventor, and Andrea Marcucci, owner of the Estate where the event was born, lowered the white flag, giving the go-ahead to the 15th edition of Hell’s Gate Metzeler. Read More

Hell’s Gate Metzeler 2018. Mid-Term Hell, Teasdale… possessed!

Half of the event is on the wharf. The half-way port of Hell’s Gate Metzeler 2018 is crowded with cruisers of the Extreme. Above all, it’s the Enduro no-limits, no-compromises war machines that impress us. And even more, the merciless race strategies imposed in different interpretational forms by the “Monsters” – as Giovanni The Voice Di Pillo calls them – of the Original Extreme, the reference rooted in the Il Ciocco Mountain for fifteen years. Read More

Hell’s Gate Metzeler2018. Immaterial nightmare: the first Special Stage cancelled!

Good morning Hell’s Gate Metzeler. “Obstacles arising, riders stopped in their tracks like obstacles, race times: 90 minutes”. It’s the nighttime scenario of the 3-minute Special Stage Show Event, instantaneously transformed into something insurmountable and dreadfully serious. So much so that the introductive Prologue of Hell’s Gate Metzeler’s Friday Dusk ends in a cul de sac and the organizers are forced to cancel the outcome of the stage. Read More

Hell’s Gate Metzeler 2018. Stars of Hell!

Hell is at the door… or at the door to hell. Hell’s Gate Metzeler 2018 is in the air, in the progressively exciting ambience of the Sacred Mountain of the Extreme. Il Ciocco Stadium is becoming more animated, filling the surroundings with vans and campers, with tents and with the music of motors, with that excitement typical of events that warm the hearts of enthusiasts.And it’s good that spirits are warming up! Soon the temperature will rise well beyond the commendable feeling of enveloping engrossment. Soon the furnace of Hell’s Gate Metzeler will experience its fifteenth saga. Read More