HellsGate 2019. Hold it!

Wait! We have to stop. The HellsGate 2019 programme must undergo a shift in time to give all the people involved a chance to complete their tasks. As you know HellsGate was due to return to its original configuration and race track. It had been decided, and this idea remains, that it should be the nature of the Mountain and Il Ciocco, beautiful and terrible, to clearly characterize this competitive Event. Exactly as it had been in the first editions, and as it was in the years of its successful growth as a reference test for the Extreme Enduro World. All this while continually evolving to create a more spectacular event and to keep HellsGate the Off Road Festival that it is in the eyes of the plebiscite of fans who count.

Today HellsGate had become a mixed race, with a reduced “natural” part and a larger “artificial” area. The Organizers do not intend to give up the benefits, in terms of ease of access and Audience admittance, of the “Super Enduro” evolution, but they have been working for some time to return to its origins. This means extending the Race over a larger geographical area and, consequently, increasing the number and quality of institutional and private partners.

Much of this work has already been done, but not all of it, and the Il Ciocco reference body requires OSE, Organization Sport Event that operates in the Motor Sports sectors and deals with every aspect of the sports competitions that take place in the area, get all the paper work done before starting on the purely logistical aspects of Hellsgate 2019.

Evidently, not all parties have or have had their operational timing synchronized with the needs of Hellsgate, and not all have placed the most important event in the sector for the Valle del Serchio among their priorities. All this, of course, lengthens the time required to receive the bureaucratic and environmental “approval”, which cannot be bypassed.

For these two reasons, returning to the natural origins of the track and reaching a perfect harmony with the relevant public and private forces of the geographical area, HellsGate has been put on standby. Every cloud has a silver lining. The Organizers are coming up with other ideas and a strong feeling of solidarity comes from the Mountain in response to the request from other Italian areas to “import” the reference Event of the Extreme Enduro World.

We will keep you informed of any developments.