HellsGate 2019. Feeling Like Waiting. A Christmas Nightmare

What you see as a quiet period is the happy Christmas season. Great, but do not mistake it for an escape. I assure you it is not. It is a fleeting moment of respite, genuinely sentimental, a diversion, emotionally restoring, but … short-lived. Just think that when you wake up on 1st January, in the new year, it’ll already be time for a key moment. It is the day when the enrolments for HellsGate 2019 open.

Some thrills, just to perfect the programme. Friday. From 2:30 pm. Enrolment, technical checks, placing the Hero’s Paddock. The Audience and the Experts of HellsGate 2019 together. Moments of incredible surreal peace, culmination of the Prologue, the Metzeler “Test” at 6:30 pm. Then the celebration in the evening, the HellsGate Party at the Locanda Alla Posta.

Don’t be late. Hellsgate 2019 returns in its insufferable form on Saturday morning at 7 am, on 16 February, with the “Confrontation” with the Porcupine Special, a few lethal kilometres of a 27-kilometre ring, one circuit after the other until 2:30 pm. Filter of gall and hallucinations caused by fatigue to skim the 30 finalists. Purity of the Enduro!

Time to put the headlights on the Bikes. Just a little. To see the Valley from the Ciocco. In vain. No escape route. At 3:30 pm all hell breaks loose. Special non-stop HellsGate Extreme test. 18 kilometres of torture in a relentless loop. Lap after lap, stop after stop in a cynical elimination game, up to the merciless final climb, the impossible Hell’s Peak at 7 pm. Epic finale on the historic plain overlooking the Hell of Il Ciocco.

Relax, myth, recovery. Serene dawn and fumes of fog after the battle. Sunday. HellsGate Lite, a completely different story, the accessible scent on the field of battle for a day of possibilities, the evocative Ride into space and with a fascinating perspective.

That’s all. More than enough. HellsGate 2019. Dramatic pause. Merry Christmas Friends

Friday 15, Saturday 16 February 2019. Il Ciocco. One Way in, Il Ciocco, one single gate out, HellsGate. No escape! The Entrance to the Enduro Legend is open. For a select few. Got to www.hellsgate.it and register your desire to Knife edge.

Il Ciocco, Castelvecchio Pascoli, your paradise 365 days a year … minus one. The day of HellsGate.

Il Ciocco, 18 December 2018