Hell’s Gate Metzeler2018. Immaterial nightmare: the first Special Stage cancelled!

Good morning Hell’s Gate Metzeler. “Obstacles arising, riders stopped in their tracks like obstacles, race times: 90 minutes”. It’s the nighttime scenario of the 3-minute Special Stage Show Event, instantaneously transformed into something insurmountable and dreadfully serious. So much so that the introductive Prologue of Hell’s Gate Metzeler’s Friday Dusk ends in a cul de sac and the organizers are forced to cancel the outcome of the stage.

It’s the cynical, unexpected convergence of truly… diabolical situations and circumstances, in perfect harmony, after all, with the extreme and no-limits nature of Hell’sGate Metzeler.

The race resumes from the beginning, and the prologue ends up disappointing someone but returning to its origins of purest gesture of Extreme Enduro, “uncontaminated” by the chronometric variable and fully embodying the spirit of show-event.

The dawn of a new spectacular day puts Hell’s Gate Metzeler back on the starting block, gives the disconcerted another chance, and propels everyone directly into the heart of the competition.

Saturday Dawn. It’s the historic, implacably selective Enduro Qualifying Race and hence the magical, terrifying fifteenth edition of Hell’s Gate Metzeler. 4 Special Stages in line, 30 places in the legend of the survivors, three hours beyond the limits for a success that is worth an entire career. The deadline is a grid along the road of Il Ciocco Mountain at 3 pm.