Hell’s Gate Metzeler 2018. Stars of Hell!

Hell is at the door… or at the door to hell. Hell’s Gate Metzeler 2018 is in the air, in the progressively exciting ambience of the Sacred Mountain of the Extreme. Il Ciocco Stadium is becoming more animated, filling the surroundings with vans and campers, with tents and with the music of motors, with that excitement typical of events that warm the hearts of enthusiasts.And it’s good that spirits are warming up! Soon the temperature will rise well beyond the commendable feeling of enveloping engrossment. Soon the furnace of Hell’s Gate Metzeler will experience its fifteenth saga.

It’s the anniversary challenge. Everything is ancient and strong, everything is new and powerful in the historic challenge!

Here’s the answer to your question. Hell’s Gate Metzeler highlights, the challenge par excellence. That’s why its record man, the ruthless Graham JARVIS who has already won five times, is still the first rider of the list, thus ensuring the continuity of a challenge that is never won, because each time it is a different dimension of the primacy, of the limit. More understandable is the presence and relaunch of the “Challengers”, those riders who have experienced the feel of the limit but not the feel of success, not the intoxicating sensation of engraving their names on the tablets of Hell’s Gate Metzeler. They’re going to try again. That’s what Travis TEASDALE, or Mario ROMAN, or Philipp BERTL are here for. And so is Wade YOUNG, the South African rider who in 2016 became inebriated with glory by beating the very myth of Extreme, the inaccessible Graham JARVIS himself.

And like every year, the challenge of the Italians powerfully renews itself; strong drivers who claim the right of Nationality of the trophy of Hell’s Gate Metzeler. One example for all, the virtual captain of the Italian mission, Diego NICOLETTI, the first of a long list of respected challengers. Among them, the natives such as PIACENZA, NITA, SANTINI, born on the Mountain, ready to defend the Il Ciocco challenge.