Graham Jarvis Wins Hell’s Gate Metzeler 2017 Qualifying Stage. Now it’s getting tough!

Hell’s Gate Metzeler 2017. Here we are. The Qualifying Race of the Morning had its formidable swing in a spectacular morning. Perfect weather shot and sensational eye on Il Ciocco. The blessing … Hell.

The “Race of the Morning” romantically called the “heat” of the Hell’s Gate Metzeler qualification, is already a severe test. The track, about 35 kilometers that climb on the Mountain of Ciocco, reports directly to the original Enduro, offering the participants the full range of the characteristic steps of “soffering” offroad. For this reason, however, even this stage of the Competition is considered an event not to be missed. There are drivers and fans who sign up to Hell’s Gate Metzeler just for the “Race of the Morning”, and who consider the attempt to get into the top 30, those who go through to the Grand Final, a real “Must”.

That’s how it works (but the fans know it well): five laps, and as many special stages, about 7 kilometers of “torment” for each transit. The goal is to finish the race in the top thirty, so you have the privilege to participate in the “core event” of Hell’s Gate Metzeler.

The result is a mix of adrenalin and strategy. A strong start, but they try, then, to save theirself a little in view of the Commitment highlight of the afternoon. Jarvis, as is his habit, starts as “dynamite”, and after winning the second special test flies overhead. Nicoletti and Roman keep up, britton Bolt and South African Teasdale stand out, and the “Title Holder” Young accuses a slight delay due to an error in the first Special Test. Then the race settles down to its final result. Graham Jarvis’ “message” is very clear.

The party at the paddock will start at noon, flooded with Live Music of “The Strangers”, and for the Hell’s Gate Metzeler 2017 Champions is the moment to meet the fans: autographs and posters. From 06:00 PM, in the middle of the final stage, it will be the turn of Luis Rondina DJ Set.