Here we are! The make-up of Hell. Marco Aurelio Fontana “Godfather”

Hell’s Gate Metzeler 2017 is the festival of Hell. One wonders why it is a “goal”, so coveted and desired. A contradiction? No, because “HGM” is the context, unique in the world, in which the Enduro evolves towards always new objectives, and aimed at a consistently revolutionary dimension. It is the challenge of the Extreme passionate, but it is also closer to origins of Offroad Racing culture.

In 2016, the thirteenth edition of Hell’s Gate Metzeler, brought a big news, turning the race into a “diabolical” Extreme Game, in which stretches of natural path alternated to others where the obstacles had been “falsified”, with dual purpose of making the show more “close” and the challenge even more extreme.

This year, for the 14th Edition of Ciocco and Fabio Fasola “jewel”, the obstacles of the Final Race – the Great Challenge of Hell’s Gate Metzeler – will be proposed in bursts, one behind the other in a simply deadly succession.

But the cynical indulgence of the “Devil” doesn’t stop there. Proposed last year as a world first, the “Arcade” formula is confirmed, with the obstacles that open in progression or eliminate late riders. In this way the competitive rhythm becomes relentless and the merciless comparison rewards only the best riders. It is a rule imposed by Hell’s Gate Metzeler since its first appearance, the “historical” edition of 2004, won by David Knight, the Isle of Man Giant, at his first, legendary challenge in the Extreme Storms.

To make the Event even more magnificent, intense and accessible, this year Formula of Hell’s Gate Metzeler is completed with the setting up of two areas / battlefields. In addition to the Hell’s Gate Metzeler Arena, it has been converted to Hell’s features also the adjacent area of “Horse Riding Track”, romantic definition that hardly adapts to its transformation into the Place of Offroad Torture.

At the magnificent estate of Il Ciocco, audience will have the opportunity to assist in two theatres, close to one another, to the only show staged by Hell’s Gate Metzeler 2017 and its protagonists. A shuttle service will be set up to allow fans to leave their cars away from the “hot zone” and easily access to the Hell’s parterre. The great challenge of Extreme has always attracted the “cream” of connoisseurs, so it’s important to make their life easier.

Last news. To the lure of the challenge launched by Graham Jarvis to last year’s winner, Wade Young, but also to the uniqueness of the show, also answered a great friend of Fasola, specialized in a different “Hell”. Marco Aurelio Fontana, the Olympian, who will be in the front row on the podium at Hell’s Gate Gate Metzeler 2017.

Saturday, February 18th, Il Ciocco; 8:00am, Preliminary Race; 4:00pm, Hell’s Gates open.

Il Ciocco, February 15, 2017            

Grazie Mille

Piero Batini

Hell’s Gate Metzeler 2017 Press