Graham didn’t like it. Time of “Revenge”!

Hell’s Gate 2017 Metzeler has some flavor of revenge. The epilogue of 2016 edition, in fact, has been severely impacted by the surprise of Wade Young, the young, strong South African, arrived in Italy even before his license… to kill, has stunned the entire history of the extreme bursting into Fasola’s Competition with an irresistible force. No time to get his usually wrecker rhythm, and Graham Jarvis, winner of four consecutive editions from 2011 to 2014, found himself in the unusual position of pursuer. The exciting Wade Young‘s “ride” has ended, after three hours of spectacular hell, at the last gate of Hell’s Gate Metzeler 2016, in the arms of the frenzy public for bringing baptism to a new King of Enduro Extreme.

The story did not go in store. Not yet. It was still summer when Graham Jarvis asked for the date of Hell’s Gate Metzeler 2017, “providing” formally and prematurely his presence. It was clear that defeat, that the British star player attributed at least in part to the surprise, has not been settled, not in the most peaceful quaint of Sport. Jarvis’ preliminary request sounded very clear notes of the purpose of “revenge” which, however, animates the most gripping stories of sports.

Jarvis and Young were confronted in other, few occasions during the past season, but it’s to Hell’s Gate Metzeler 2017 that the two Extreme Champions will take such measures, this time no longer distracted by new and unforeseen factors. It is the promise of the duel, the great challenge of revenge, or better yet the ” vengeance ” and with it the essential leit motif of a memorable edition (as well as all of the previous 13) of the larger, key event of Extreme Enduro.

But the comparison is not “isolated” to the duel between the last two winners of Hell’s Gate Metzeler. The great action of the 14th edition of Fasola’s Extreme Race takes shape rapidly, filling the arena of the battlefield in a flash. The 120 seats are occupied, the right to a starring role in the arena of the Gladiators of Extreme was booked. After Wade Young has picked up the gauntlet thrown by Graham Jarvis, the other classified of the 2016 edition rushed to animate the “billboard”. Here’s Mario Roman, third last year, and also a “terrific” surprise, and here’s Diego Nicoletti, fourth, last of the survivors of the Hell and everlasting glory, first of the Italians in a challenge in the challenge that becomes more and more compelling with each passing year. Who knows, maybe one of “ours”, perhaps one of the most acrobatic “traditional” enduro, or one of the “locals” as Riccardo Piacenza or the “adopted” Valentin Nita, and maybe pushed by the national enthusiasm that transforms Hell’s Gate in a glowing arena of enthusiasm, that’s s not able to break the ice, interrupting a series that lasts the dawn of time!

Piero Batini