Hell Beyond the Extreme (and Crowd in Hell)

Hell’s Gate 2017 Metzeler evolves. The new Extreme model, invented and exacerbated by Fabio Fasola, had reached a crucial crossroad last year. Taking the right direction, and introduced the original novelty of Hell’s Gate Arena, Fasola decided to take the plunge and transform the 14th edition in the direct road to Hell. The “beaten” to the underworld concentrated in a terrific area all symbologies  of Enduro according Fasola, and turns into a kind of hell happenings which certainly will leave a new sign of fire in the Enduro history.

The decision has been taken to combine two leitmotif inspired by the 13th edition of Hell’s Gate Metzeler. On one side the Great Entertainment of Extreme, as it was never staged, and on the other the Audience Will, a circuit no less hellish but definitely more compact, affordable.

The crowd “witness” 2016 edition recalls in particular the setting of the Arena, where focused the key action of the race dominated and won by Wade Young, the New Legend of Extreme which has received baptism in Hell’s Gate Metzeler. Inspired by that idea, a flash of genius expands and re-interprets the vision of a large, single Battleground.

The challenge is expanding, therefore, and will be developed on an area that includes, besides the Hell Arena, even the Purgatory of Hell’s Gate Metzeler, across the asphalt trench from which kicked off the History of Extreme from the Ciocco, where it will open, even gradually, the new, terrifying obstacles of the Arcade Extreme. The only crucial distinction of Hell’s Gate Metzeler, is that we’re not talking about a Game, but the sinister reality Enduro in the story of Extreme.

All this is designed, and implemented to respond to the public demand for Hell’s Gate Metzeler. Greater visibility, ease of access, participation. It is the realization of the dream of Fasola: “I want a terrifying glance about Hell!”

Saturday, February 18, Deadline Extreme Enduro!