Hell’s Gate Metzeler 2016: Halfway In the Milky Way of Enduro. Wide Young

Il Ciocco, February 6, 2016.

Half way. On the Milky Way of the Enduro or in the Hell of the Extreme? According to Fasola there is not much distinction between Heaven and Hell, in the Enduro planet. It is the moods of the moment, the results of the commitment. Here it is. Here in Hell’s Gate Matzeler the commitment, the challenge, the difficulty and the uncertainty are at the highest “terrestrial” levels. That’s the maximum of suffering. Beyond the maximum of satisfaction, the passion that moves the exploits of the XIII Episode of the Extreme Enduro of Fasola.

Halfway, then, after six Special tests that characterized the preliminary competition of the morning, the situation outlines the mainsails of the battle that will take place in the afternoon. If someone has choose a comfortable grip, someone else has tried since the first mile of the Competition to find the excellence of the result.

From the point of view of Hell’s Gate Metzeler 2016, what matters is that it provided a list of the thirty finalists, the Riders will face the final examination on the new path of Hell. But the Grand Finale, now you know, will be staged in the infernal Arena of Hell’s Gate Metzeler, up to the “Final Gate”. And anyway, wanting to make it easy, it’s obvious: lars Enockl, third on the podium of Hell’s Gate Metzeler 2015, won the first three Special Tests of the morning. The remaining three, which conclude the morning heat, are won by Wide Young, Mario Roman, and Young again. The general trend shows the Young’s supremacy.

The South African is able to assert the greater regularity and consistency, and install at the head of the line of thirty finalists, in front of Roman and Enockl, who dropped in the final part of the morning racR. Below Diego Nicoletti, which is the best of the Italians, and immediately behind the Italian rider is Graham Jarvis, “only” fifth. But the English, who appeared a bit “tired” at the start of the morning, could have settled the race in a tactical configuration already seen before. A low initial profile, then … Now it’s the time of the final battle. For o’ clock in the afternon. Three hours of non-stop race, with the cgronological “barriers” of the first and second hour, and the final thirty minutes. 10 Riders out, then another ten, and finally, the Arena of Hell’s Gate Metzeler 2016 will be a war theatre for the four finalists of the Hell, this time sunny, of Il Ciocco.

Hell’s Gate Metzeler is the intelligence of Enduro transfused in the human instinct, the Extreme battle of the Droids of Enduro.
Overall:  1. YOUNG (sherco) in 34’32.84; 2. ROMAN SERRANO (Te) a 2.87; 3. ENOCKL (KTM) a 11.21; 4. NICOLETTI (Beta) a 25.25; 5. JARVIS (Te) a 32.43; 6. SCHOLZ (KTM) a 1’42.48; 7. PIACENZA (Beta) a 2’36.24; 8. BERTL (Beta RR) a 2’52.36; 9. SALSENCH (Beta) a 3’12.32; 10. BOSI (Beta) a 3’31.51; 11. LENZI (Ktm) a 4’44.65; 12. FREUND (KTM) a 5’04.55; 13. SCHaTA (Beta) a 5’14.11; 14. MAZZOLENI (KTM) a 5’34.49; 15. GRABER (sherco) a 5’57.70; 16. BENOIT (Beta) a 6’35.51; 17. LORENZIN (Husqvarna) a 6’51.84; 18. GRAZIANI (Beta) a 7’38.52; 19. MAGGI (Beta) a 7’58.58; 20. PULCINI (KTM) a 8’07.83; 21. MONACO (KTM) a 8’21.74; 22. GIUBETTINI (husqvarna) a 8’31.11; 23. LEISER (KTM) a 9’26.84; 24. DIESEL (KTM) a 11’53.95; 25. BELLOMO (husqvarna) a 12’07.87; 26. JESTL (husqvarna) a 17’16.30; 27. BRACCHI (Beta) a 18’12.11; 28. ZANELLA (Beta) a 18’41.81; 29. SCARPELLI (Beta) a 22’12.22; 30. BECCHETTI (HUSQUARNA) a 22’25.66.


Piero Batini

Press Hell’s Gate Metzeler 2016 Image Credits © ApPhotosport