Hell’s Gate Metzeler 2016: The Night, Before

Il Ciocco, February 5, 2016.

A few hours only, those of the night, and then the battle will began at dawn, that of the challenge of Hell’s Gate in 2016 Metzeler.
77 brave Riders have “punched” and are officially allowed to take the start. 77 is the number of the Iridium, a hard metal of the platinum group. But it is also the number and name of an asteroid of the Main Belt, the napolitan number that indicates the legs of the women or … the Devils. Whatever the definition that you want to prefer there is no escape, it always ends up there, in the Enduro Hell of Fabio Fasola.

That’s right, seventy-seven starters for the Race of the Morning, the preliminary challenge that begins at seven in the morning and which will elect the 30 finalists of the Great Challenge of the afternoon. Names and favorites, not just numbers. The first on the list is Jarvis. But the English has the number 3, which is not the number of his victories, in fact Graham has won 4 times, but only the result of the ill-fated challenge of last year, ended at the foot of the Impossible Mountain. Number 1 is this year for Mario Roman, the strong Spanish rider who last year had “risked” to win. Only the final ascent has, in fact, favored Jonny Walker who did not accepted the challenge of revenge this year. The number 2 is for Lars Enockl, the Austrian revelation.
But attention to the South African Wade Young, arrived from the other hemisphere with the thrill, his license … forgotten at home, and to the German Scholz. And take care, especially to Italians. They are strong, and they said to have decided to break the tradition of Hell’s Gate Metzeler. Word of Diego Nicoletti, Maurizio Lenzi, and others … that I am not to say, here with a knife between his teeth.
Hell’s Gate Metzeler Formula is new, you already know. In the morning it does not change anything, or almost. The afternoon the planet Enduro Extreme Fabio Fasola is to be discovered in the Arena of Hell’s Gate Metzeler. We say: it is an indoor … outdoor, with increasing difficulty levels, new obstacles that are “open”, the “Gate” that will make a difference, closing to remove ten Riders first, then ten others, finally the last of the challengers’ final apotheosis of Hell’s Gate Metzeler.
It is an event, it is a step forward in history. A day that is worth being there!

Hell’s Gate Metzeler is the intelligence of Enduro transfused in the human instinct, the Extreme battle of the Droids of Enduro.


Saturday 6th February 2016

Hell’s Gate Metzeler Morning Heat
Local time: 07 am–> Start 1° rider. 1 special test each lap. Only the first 30 can access to the final stage of Hell’s Gate Metzeler

Hell’s Gate Metzeler 2016 Final

Local time: 04 pm–> Start of the second part of the competition. Start grid on the model of MotoGP

To follow –> Award ceremony and Prize Giving

Grazie Mille

Piero Batini

Hell’s Gate Metzeler 2016 Press
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