Il Ciocco, February 14, 2014

Chapter 11.

The Great Extreme Enduro Encyclopedia is ready to go out with the last update. The monumental work of Enduro, in the new Fabio Fasola’s amazing edition, adds a new chapter to the ten previously published, and faces the theme of the scientific extreme, excluding it from the scenery and the weather. Pure Enduro.

124 riders have occurred, and at last there’s only one question left. No snow, maybe no rain, temperature is mild. Will it be an easier edition, or less harder? The answer is no, and it’s not a “Devil” delirium. It’ the reality of the 11th edition of Hell’s Gate Metzeler 2014. During the past months Italy was submerged by floods, and rain devastated also the mountain with landslides. It’s the occasion for a review of the “classic” Hell’s Gate Metzeler track, with the introduction of some variants. The preliminary  morning race will find its impetuosity in the Salamandra Creek. Almost all asphalt parts have been cancelled, and it will only be a five laps race bounded by the five “Specials”, all timed and controlled, with a tight checkpoint.

The 30 riders selected by the morning race will gain the rights to participate to a breathless Hell’s Gate Metzeler edition. Five laps, the “worst” of last years and the incumbent “new”. To the “Cascata”, the “Laghetto”, the “Viscidone” and the other delicacies of Fabio Fasola’s infernal menu, have been added this year the “Donkey Jump”, a quick slide of rough ground and, the “Sickle of the Devil”, a counterslope trail that masters the downhill. Sliding on that point might mean compromising the continuation of the race.

The new Hell’s Gate Metzeler 2014 “stations”, checked by an exclusive scout, Alessandro Botturi, don’t scare Graham Jarvis, the last three editions winner, or his main antagonists, Cody Webb or Jonny Walker. Anyway, Hell’s Gate Metzeler 2014 has already made his first victims. Some of them are “justified”, such as Alfredo Gomez, stopped by an attack of appendicitis, others with insufficient explanations, like the one given by David Knight, just some days before the race. Is maybe Hell’s Gate Metzeler 2014 more scary than usual?

Yes of course, but it’s not enough to discourage new braves to face the original extreme challenge, like the young Botturi’s cadet Giacomo Saleri, or to deter the infernal warriors who made the History of the Event like Piero Sembenini whose mission is accompanied by a contagious enthusiasm, or Andreas Lettenbichler, who has spent all the evening walking meter by meter through the Extreme stage.

Why so many questions and answers? Here we are! Hell’s Gate Metzeler is about to start. In the meanwhile let’s give an eye to the preparation of the event: http://youtu.be/a345k2KwqDM

Hell’s Gate 2014 Metzeler Program: Friday 14thFebruary, technical and administrative checks. Saturday, 15th February, 07:00 am, departure of the first rider for the preliminary competition in the morning . “Classic” Enduro but with strong Hell’s Gate style. 3:00 pm, the doors will be close and the elevator will move: Hell’s Gate Metzeler 2014. On Sunday morning, early, is HsG LITE time.

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