2.000 arrows printed from UFO to indicate the Hell’s Gate Metzeler 2014 location  and HSG Lite version, which will be staged in the morning after the big event .

Registrations were formally  closed on February 7th, but the limit of 130 riders admitted to the 11th edition had already been reached in advance. The same for the second edition of Hell’s Gate LITE Metzeler 2014 in Sunday, where the 260 places available have been taken  in the blink of an eye . The Hell’s Gate Metzeler’s hell  record, once again, sold out !

Few days left. 15th February is near. Hell’s Gate Metzeler 2014 can accommodate  the champions of the best Extreme Enduro competitions. The weather seems good, and the ground devastated by the torrential rains of past weeks is the ideal for another edition, memorable Fabio Fasola’s Hell. The demon from Voghera has checked the track meter by meter, deleting all the ways to escape and the “unworthy”  parts of the extreme race of the year.

Graham Jarvis, winner of the last three editions, and now with a new ” beast “, meets Jonny Walker and Cody Webb , the “hunters” who tried to attack his podium position. The show of an amazing challenge is also ensured by the contribution of wild specialists , such as Xavier Galindo and Andreas Lettenbichler , or aggressiveness of riders such as Dan and Ben Hemingway, Alfredo Gomez or Alexandre Queyreyre . Don’t forget “our” Lenzi, Sembenini , Nicoletti , or the prestigious Alessandro Polita . Another important element of the race could be the return of David Knight , who won the first three editions of Hell’s Gate Metzeler from 2004 to 2006. The Colossus of the Isle of Man , the only rider able to contend with Taddy Blasuziak the World Super Enduro cup is back at his best. The Hell’s Gate Metzeler arena  will be glowing!

Hell’s Gate 2014 Metzeler Program: Friday 14thFebruary, technical and administrative checks. Saturday, 15th February, 07:00 am, departure of the first rider for the preliminary competition in the morning . “Classic” Enduro but with strong Hell’s Gate style. 3:00 pm, the doors will be close and the elevator will move: Hell’s Gate Metzeler 2014. On Sunday morning, early, is HsG LITE time.

Hell’s Gate 2014 Metzeler Entertainment: between preliminary race in the morning and the 11th episode of Fasola’s  Extreme, there will be two “races” for the public. Metzeler “Sharing Independence”, on “Marines Military Style”, and the Sixs “Time to Change”, try the dressing competition, arranged at the Hell’s Gate Metzeler Paddock. To participate to the contest, just show up at the registration desk, set up at the Ciocco Stadium.

Virgin Radio Trophy. Also this year, a trophy will be offered by the Radio at the best Italian rider. Reigning champion: Diego Nicoletti.

Hell’s Gate Metzeler Village. The Paddock space set up at the Ciocco Stadium, the heart of the event, will host the exhibition and sales stands: Intra official merchandise of Hell’s Gate Metzeler, Sparco Teamwork, Athena Brands with Ogio, GoPro, GET and Kite, Mefo mousse, Racecap and Twalcom.