The Night Before.

• 123 riders
• Perfect Weather
• Exceptional Track

Il Ciocco, February 15th

Hell’s Gate Metzeler 2013, ready to go! 123 competitors have occurred at Il Ciocco, and their bikes are now in the parc fermé, spending the last night before the tenth start. Riders License, the “cards” of the bike, then the technical scrutineering. A full day of sunshine, in a scenario made even more fascinating because of the blanket of snow that cover the Tuscan side that will host the tenth edition of the Extreme Enduro of Fabio Fasola.

The tenth edition of Hell’s Gate Metzeler calls for new goals. Graham Jarvis, Husaberg Factory Team Extreme, would become the record man of the race. Johnnie Walker, neo official “pupil” of KTM, could break the tradition marked by the performance of the “senators” of the specialty, Xavier Galindo could confirm the Iberian possibility, and Web Cody could finally bring the most prestigious Enduro trophy far across the ocean. These are the best Riders’ of the World’s, and each came to Ciocco with a non-negotiable objective.

Per cominciare c’è da superare la gara eliminatoria del mattino, che è già una “fuori serie”, ed ottenere così uno dei trenta posti per accedere alla finalissima del pomeriggio. Ma ormai ci siamo, siamo arrivati al sabato 16 Febbraio, tutto in un giorno al termine del quale si vedrà in che modo il decennale di Hell’s Gate Metzeler 2013 incide un’altra tacca nella storia della disciplina di cui è capostipite.

Location and weather. In one day the Il Ciocco Mountain has been covered by more than two feet of snow, five days ago. That day Hell’s Gate 2013 Metzeler changed its face. For the first time in the history the race is presented in a totally new light, and in some ways even more “scary.” For five days, Fabio Fasola and its people, armed with shovels and heart, have put the path into a delicate “surgery”, reopening the tracks buried under the snow, tracing small alternatives and filing ice sheets. Finally the path of Hell’s Gate 2013 Metzeler is perfect. Tough and charming as ever, hyper selective and spectacular. The weather is favorable, perfect. Warm sun, clear skies, crisp air. On the other hand, hard soil and ice, the Waterfall “fixed” by the frost, the stream of the Salamander to be discovered in the snow. In these conditions, the test becomes an acute that promises to be “historical”.

7:00: Hell’s Gate 2013 Metzeler, qualifying preliminary Race
13:45 to 14:45: HSG KTM Freeride Electroshock Contest: Ruth Circle riding a KTM Freeride Electric
15:30: Hell’s Gate Metzeler 2013, the Event.

Images © APphotoSport