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Target detected.

• KTM Freeride Electroshock. User Guide
• Target Detected, Fire Coordinates
• Il Programma

Hell’s Gate Metzeler 2013 KTM Freeride Electroshock. 30 spectators will be the protagonists of the KTM Freeride Electroshock Hell’s Gate Metzeler 2013. That’s it. The thirty selected riders will be measured on a short Rut Circle. Not a real race, but a unique opportunity to explore the OffRoad of the Silence, in a other masterful interpretation of KTM. The thirty riders will be self-selected, in the sense that they will first announce their intention to participate in the show. In what way? Sending an email to the General Headquarters of Hell’s Gate Metzeler 2013. The contents of the letter should be a mere declaration. Shortly: “I intend to participate in KTM Freeride Electroshock Hell’s Gate 2013”. The first thirty “writers” will have acquired the right to participate, and will be notified with a confirmation email also containing the rules and the convening at the Stadio Il Ciocco. Prepare your stuff!

Target detected. 44° 4′ 57.615″ N, 10°. 27′ 51.812″ E. The coordinates of the “target”, the entrance of the estate of Il Ciocco, anteroom of Hell Hell’s Gate Metzeler 2013. For those who do not want to rely on the GPS and will prefere head for the target flying at eye level down on the roads, the direction to Il Ciocco is quite simple. First you get to Lucca. Motorway network strongly recommended, and strongly discouraged, unless you’re residing in the immediate vicinity, the Apennine passes. Then follow the signs for Castelnuovo Garfagnana. Go ahead. Once in Ponte di Campia, just a mile or so. At the junction take the road that leads to Castelvecchio Pascoli. After crossing the small village you are arrived. At your left hand you will see the house of the Poet, at right the entrance of the estate.

The Program.

Saturday, February 16th
7:00: Hell’s Gate Metzeler 2013, preliminary Enduro Race
13:45-14:45: HsG KTM Freeride ElectroShock Contest: Circle Rut on a KTM Freeride E.
15:30: Hell’s Gate Metzeler 2013, the Event. Final Race

After the arrival at the Hell’s Peak, podium and 10th Anniversary Party at the Stadium.