Hell’s Gate Metzeler 2013

Hell’s Gate Metzeler 2013. 10th Anniversary

Ten years of Hell for a place in Enduro’s paradise. Hell’s Gate is ten years old and devil’s claw affects the Ciocco’s rock with an evil design of unforgettable edition. It’s a promise that sounds like a sentence, but for ten years who comes up on the frozen ridges of the Apennines in February doesn’t expect any reduction of sentence, nor purgatory. He knows that the prize of the night is only one and it’s unequivocally reserved to the best one.

He knows, but doesn’t remain to watch the eagles flying high and he throws his courage over his limits, to face a challenge that from ten years is a synonym of Enduro and limit. Enduro’s limit, which is closed to the truth. That is the awareness that, being there, means making a step forward.

Hell’s Gate Metzeler 2013 cynically ensures the Enduro’s World Festival, in the paroxysm of a competitive event that marked the history of the discipline, leaving stuck a milestone in Tuscany. On that stone, there’s the evocative and threatening sign of the Devil’s Claw.

For the tenth edition of his Mephistopheles event, Fabio Fasola has one, unchanging and non-negotiable news: bring back, as every year, the Enduro to its truest and purest form. And even more “raw”.

The formula of Hell’s Gate 2013 Metzeler doesn’t change, as it doesn’t change the program that everyone expects every year with more trepidation. All in a day: Saturday, February 16, 2013. The Preliminary Heat in the morning. Break. The starting grid of the Final Heat at 15:00. The Hell till the night on the wall of the end: the Hell’s Peak. Then, at last, the podium that counts a career for the specialists that are rated to the impossible things and are borne on that impossible climb.

And for the others, those who will find closed the gate that allows only a few transits to the Enduro’s Heaven? Just ask who was there, who tried, who is back once, and the following ones, to try and feel the Hell’s Gate.

The decennial, however, deserves something more, that cannot go beyond Hell’s Gate, of course, but that can stay around there to celebrate the party. It is the party of Hell’s Gate Metzeler, immediately after and around the Podium. But this is another story and we will talk about it later.