Hell’s Gate 2012: Graham Jarvis Again

Hell’s Gate 2012: Graham Jarvis Again!

The Hell’s Peak, the impossible ascent that marks the final closure of the gate of hell is the emotional concentrate of the whole race.

A few riders arrives there, only those who survived the “massacre” of Hell’s Gate. The climb becomes an active part of the race and of the involvement of the public, who rushes to share the last act of extreme fatigue in the decisive moment, a perfect balance of an event in which the peak coincides with the ends.

Graham Jarvis has climbed the Hell’s Peak once again and beat the opponents, that were in a few, very few, only four, to contend the scepter that has made the English famous on the Olympus of Enduro in its most spectacular and critically shape, the Extreme Enduro.

The English rider, supported by Flite Team Husaberg, has finished the Morning Heat at the second place, behind the rookie Jonny Walker (KTM). Jarvis has apparently managed its resources in view of the crucial engangement of the afternoon finale race.

17 riders at the end of the first lap, and 11 at the end of the second one. The final three laps (the sixth lap, initially planned, has been cancelled for…pity), become really crucial. Seven magnificent riders to the third step: Graham Jarvis, Jonny Walker, Xavier Galindo, Cody Webb, Andreas Lettembichler, Douglas Lampkin and Piero Sembenini. But the Italian is off at the fourth lap, as he has a delay higher than thirty minutes from the first rider. One more lap and it’s the turn of Lampkin to give up.

So five are the magnificent world-beaters on the final podium of Hell’s Gate 2012 edition. Five stratospheric aces. Graham Jarvis (Husaberg), exhausted, he almost faints at the end of the impossible climb, but succeeds thanks to help of the spectators (the Hell’s Gate Rule allows it, indeed “orders” it), Jonathan Walker, said Jonny (KTM), the Spanish Xavi Galindo (Husaberg), the American Cody Webb (Beta) and the German Andreas Lettembichler (Husqvarna).

Alessandro Botturi (KTM), who brought the Bordone-Ferrari Team to the official debut in the high society of Enduro, has led a memorable race in the morning, when he finished at the third place; but he has been the victim of an unforeseen event that prevented him from completing the final heat of Hell’s Gate: a long wire, hidden among the vegetation, has wrapped itself around the rear hub of his bike, stopping bike and rider. All this happened during the second lap of the afternoon heat of the Hell’s Gate, a true masterpiece of the Extreme Enduro by Fabio Fasola.