Hell’s Gate 2012: Ready To Go!

Hell’s Gate 2012: Ready To Go!

Ready! A few hours and at 7 o ‘clock tomorrow, February 18, the first bike will leave the area of the ​​Ciocco Stadium to face the first of five laps of the Morning Heat of Hell’s Gate. Five rounds, and it is only the beginning. “Classic Enduro”, one departure per minute, one special test per lap, let’s say a “line test” around a fifteen minute length. Greetings! The terrain is good. It’s cold, but not too much. Mud, but in endurable quantity. A piece of cake? Not in your life! Hell’s Gate docet.

Meanwhile, 92 riders have completed the technical checks and got the “pass” by Charon himself, alias Fabio Fasola. The co-author of Hell’s Gate, at his ninth screenplay, jokes on the final number of starters. In view of the fact that there were 104 enrolled riders, it’s very possible that at least a ten of them have given in to the preliminary circumstances, surrendering to the conditions that have to be expected at Ciocco Mountain in the next few hours.

But the devil, as they say, is not as bad as we portray him, and the fresco of the rough side of the Tuscan Apennines is very fascinating, actually. A soothing sun is watching over Ciocco; it’s raising the temperature and melting the snow on Hell’s Gate crosses. Due to the earlier weather conditions, the race has been designed on a track more forgiving than usual and may even be more “smooth” than usual. That’s why the Devil hand comes and announces that the afternoon heat of Hell’s Gate 2012 will be played on 6 instead of 5 laps of the magic ring of the Enduro Extreme Made in Tuscany. And if things should go wrong and only to face an evident need, one lap could be taken off.

The Hell’s Peak – the last climb of Hell’s Gate, which is the exit from the underworld of Fasola’s extreme enduro – has been the “pilgrimage destination” of those riders, who have decided to accept the challenge of one of the best Enduro races of the universe of this extraordinary discipline.

We repeat: it starts at 07:00, with the Morning Heat. At 15:30 start of the final of Hell’s Gate.