Hell’s Gate 2012 Morning Heat: Jonny Walker… liscio!

Hell’s Gate 2012 Morning Heat: Jonny Walker… on the rocks!

Five laps, a break of about fifty minutes – to rescue and bring to the hospital Luca Paoletti, who injured his leg after being run over, faultlessly, by Alfredo Gomez – four special stages. The ” morning heat” ends at lunchtime, but there’s not too much time to camp out.Bikes must be set up for the main event, the “real” Hell’s Gate, and go into the Parc Fermé.

In spite of the weather, we would say, ideal, the race is challenging from the outset. The tracks drawn by Fabio Fasola, a perfect blend of showmanship and … cynicism, and the riders have little time to dwell on the global scene of Hell’s Gate, fascinating. It is one of the secrets of Hell’s Gate, highlight of the winter of Extreme and metaphor quite realistic of the “old style” Enduro, the authentic one.

Battle elbow to elbow between the winner of last year, Graham Jarvis, and the rising star “enlisted” by KTM for this kind of races, Jonny Walker. The first round of the duel, the qualifying race in the morning, is of Anglo-Saxon and in favor of Walker, who won three of the four Stages (the first Stage of the first round was only to taste the stage itself, so not timed). The reigning champion Jarvis wins only the second stage. The first part of the Hell’s Gate event is signed by Jonny Walker.

It’s a useful info to imagine the development of Hell’s Gate, but certainly not definitive. The importance of the morning race, apart from any personal satisfaction of riders, is the conquest of one of the 30 places available for the Afternoon Heat, and the ranking of the “morning heat” is therefore “good” until the thirtieth place.

Behind Walker (KTM Supported Rider) and Jarvis (Husaberg, Flite Team), thus, the phenomenal Alessandro Botturi – who brings to debut the new official Ferrari Bordone Enduro Team – the American Cody Webb with the Beta, Dougie Lampkin (Gas Gas) – winner of the 2010 edition of Hell’s Gate – the German Andreas Lettembichler (Husqvarna), Xavi Galindo (Husaberg), Paul Bolton (KTM), and two Italians, Piero Sembenini and Maurizio Lenzi, to close the “top ten “. To find the others, and some less “performing” riders, you’d better to connect to the official website of the timekeepers, http://enduro.ficr.it.

Fifteen minutes to fix the bikes, then inside the Park Fermé. For riders is rest until 15:15, when bikes and riders will line up on the grid. At 15:30 o’clock, come what may, Hell’s Gate goes on stage for its ninth edition.