Hey signorine Hells gate- 2012 si fa

Get this! We have received countless phone calls during these days. Many who decided to enroll last minute, but many who were wondering, with a touch of concern, if Hell’s Gate 2012 will happen or not.
Don’t worry: Hell’s Gate will go on stage!

It is true that the weather over Italy during this February is not like the Caribbean, but the situation is gradually, markedly improving. We have been scouting on the whole track and we can reassure the audience of fans and riders: there is nothing that prevents the execution of Fabio Fasola’s Extreme Enduro. The snow, fell abundantly on the mountain of Ciocco, it is now melting down and the track conditions are better and better.

Of course, Hell’s Gate is … Hell’s Gate, and we’re not talking about the Milan-Naples highway or the littoral street to your favorite beach. The track, that has been partially improved, it is always “tough” enough, selective as required to an extreme event, which is difficult, sometimes very hard, but not impossible.

It’s cold, at Il Ciocco, and temperatures, especially at night, remain near the “zero”, but for the weekend of Hell’s Gate the weather forecast announces sun and even an appreciable increase in temperatures.
All right, then, Hell’s Gate 2012 will “regularly” go on stage.

Saturday, February 18th, 2012. GPS and passion focused on Ciocco, for the 9th edition of Hell’s Gate.