Time to Prizes

The first prize for the winner of Hell’s Gate is, without doubt, the immense satisfaction of beating the opponents and, above all, the “Devil”, the Extreme in its most brutal and famous racing aspect. But the victory of Hell’s Gate is a success, that deserves to be honored even in the most “conventional” way.

During the past eight editions,  the prize for the winner has always been raffled off by KTM, which offered to the first rider to go under the banner of the Hell’s Peak a brand-new model of the Austrian House.
Also this year KTM will offer the winner of Hell’s Gate a KTM Duke 125, the revolutionary 125cc, that is winning the audience of young fans.

This year, however, another important partner of Hell’s Gate has decided to raise the jackpot, adding an another prize. The Sailor.Tex Sailing Charter Company will offer to the winner of one of its boats for a week sailing holiday for two people. Therefore Sailor.Tex gives to the winner of Hell’s Gate 2012 a week rented yacht, worthing around € 4,500.00 and to be “consumed” in the 2012 season.
This unusual award is the opportunity for the winner of Hell’s Gate to compete with the fascinating adventure of sailing, giving to his success and to his future career, the strength outlines of Iron Man.

Saturday, February 18th, 2012. GPS and passion focused on Ciocco, for the ninth edition of Hell’s Gate.